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iOS Betas - Support
  • Having a little trouble? No worries.

    Here are answers to a few of our most common questions.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • General

    • What does it mean to “brick” a device? Is it a bad thing?

      Simply put, yes it is a very bad thing. A device that is bricked means that it is rendered unusable, sometimes forever, and sometimes temporarily. Either way, it is not a good thing and will just cause a lot of headache for the device owner. Not to worry, the only way someone can brick their device is by trying to install iOS 10 on their device without being registered. Lesson learned, don’t try to cheat the system or Apple will punish you. Just register your UDID, and then you’ll never have to worry about being bricked.

    • Is this legal?

      Yes, installing Apple beta software on a device is 100% legal. No software is being cracked or stolen from Apple, they are willfully releasing the beta software to people to test out and use as long as they have registered their UDID. However, trying to install beta software on your device without being registered is where you will run into legal issues; so don’t do it.

    • Will I be able to receive updates for the beta? Are they free?

      Yes, once you install iOS 10 on your device for the first time that is the only time you will need to use iTunes. After that, you will be able to download future beta updates OTA (Over the Air) for no extra charge. A notification badge will pop up on your settings app, then click on it and choose ‘General’ then ‘Software Update’. Be sure that each time a new beta is released you download it immediately to your device. Also, we suggest you follow @iOSBetas on Twitter, as it will tweet about all the new updates to iOS 10 Beta, so you will not miss one.

    • Can I use iOS 10 without registering my UDID?

      No, many people think that because it is just a software file that anyone can download, anyone can install it without being registered. However, when installing any beta software on an iOS device Apple passes it through a “checkpoint” and if your device is not registered with them, it will instantly brick. Any people or videos claiming you can use iOS 10 without being registered are false. It is impossible to use iOS 10 without being registered, try all you want, but it won’t work.

    • Can I pay any other way than PayPal?

      Not exactly, however the PayPal on the “Register UDID” page accepts almost any credit card along with any PayPal account. Therefore I don’t really see how else you could want to pay for this service. Unless you want to hand me a ten dollar bill, then no there are no other ways to pay.

    • How come I am not seeing my confirmation email?

      After your payment is submitted you should receive your confirmation email shortly following. If you are not seeing it the most common problem is people check the wrong email. The email that the confirmation letter is sent to is the same one associated with the PayPal email you used to check out. Please check that one for the email and no other one, also sometimes the letter ends up in spam, so check there as well. However, in some rare cases emails are delayed because of extreme demand for UDID registration, or some other unanticipated hold up. No worries though, you will see the email soon enough and we apologize in advance.

    • Do I need a Mac or PC to install beta software?

      Both of them will work! It doesn’t matter what computer you have. Just make sure you install the correct version of the new iTunes for your computer, and then install the desired beta software after that. There is one Mac OS X iTunes file and two PC ones, one for 64 bit and one for 32 bit machines.

  • Registration

    • How long will I be able to install beta software on my device before I have to register it again?

      If you purchased a new UDID registration from iOS Betas this year, you will not have to do it again until June of 2016. During the time iOS 10 is in beta, about 4 months, Apple releases numerous amounts of beta updates. They can all be installed on your device without having to re-register your UDID as long as you have already once done so with iOS Betas.

    • I entered in the wrong UDID on the checkout page. Can you please change it?

      Sadly, no it cannot be changed once it is in the system. Once a slot is filled with the UDID number you provided it cannot be changed, edited, or deleted. That is why it is so strongly recommended that you double, triple check that the UDID you are entering is correct before you submit your payment! iOS Betas is not held responsible for incorrectly entered UDID’s by the purchaser.

    • If I register my UDID last year, with iOS Betas or someone else, do I need to register it again this year?

      Most likely, yes. Apple only allows UDID Developer tickets to last for one calendar year. Therefore, if you had your device registered last summer then you will need to get it registered again this year in order to use iOS 10. If you are not sure when you had it registered then it is probably a good idea to re-register now so you do not risk bricking your device.

    • Can I register more than one iOS device?

      Absolutely! In most cases people have more than one device they need registered, and end up registering both. Simply enter your first UDID into the text field and click “Order Now”, your order will then be added to the cart. You then have the option to check out at that time or go back and do another package with a different UDID.

    • If I have more than one iOS device do I need to register more than once?

      Unfortunately, yes. Apple assigns a unique UDID to every iOS device in the world, and that UDID will only register then once device it is associated with. If you are interested in registering more than once iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), please see the next question for more information.

    • How long until my UDID and device are registered?

      During daylight hours, you will be registered within an hour on average after you submit your order and your payment clears. However, if you submit your order during the night, you may have to wait until the next morning. In most cases though, you will be registered immediately after submitting your payment.

  • How to Install iOS 10 Beta

  • Install the newest version of iTunes, and then download the software for the device you want to register.
  • Save both files to your desktop or somewhere that is easily accessible.
  • Open up the iTunes file first and fully install iTunes, and click sync on your device page.
  • Hold down the option key (shift key on Windows) and click "Check for Update". Choose the location of the saved .ipsw file, and open it.
  • iTunes will then wipe your device and install iOS 10 Beta on it as a fresh copy. Be patient, and don't unplug your device.
  • iTunes will inform you that your device has been recognized as a registered development device.
  • iTunes will ask to restore from a backup. It should default to the last backup and the "Last Synced" field should confirm this. Click Continue. The restoration process takes about 20 minutes.
  • After the restore process, all of your data should be restored.
  • Your device will then take you through a series of setup screens including your Apple ID.
  • You are now done and iOS 10 will start to synchronize your apps, books, contacts, calendars, photos and music to your device over Wi-Fi and in the background.